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August 26 2017


My experience with JAFRA

Hmm, this is my story, just my experience with JAFRA Indonesia for the first time I use the product.

Why and What is JAFRA?

First I saw in one of my friend's FB account, repeatedly he promotions and promotion of JAFRA Indonesia product.

Sometimes he promo face masks, JAFRA serum for faces, as well as other JAFRA facial treatment packages.

A month, two months to years I was immune to his lure.

Entering the umpteenth time, I asked deh to him ... essentially;

me: what the hell is that?

her: JAFRA Products!

Me: I saw beauty products.

he's right.

me: hmm.

he: nice kok products, suitable for Indonesian women's skin.

me: (it seems he wants to promote his product .. hehe).

me: how?

he: so!

me:?!?!?!?!. Expensive amiiirrr. For that upper class.

he: Nor. Durable use.

me: yes but the evidence is muahal ..

he: calculation, its use is durable.

me: What is suitable huh? I use other products.

he: fit, can even complement and perfect.

me: sich period?

him: Ever see my post, the content of JAFRA products is halal and safe

me: meaning the MUI version ...

he: There BPOM, Jafra products contain alcohol that is ironed, does not contain dogs and pigs, contains no blood and placenta, and does not contain elements due to slaughter of certain animals. Is one of Halal cosmetic products "MUI"

Me: Oh so, then how come alcohol and what denatur is it?

he: Alcohol liquids for use in cosmetics often contain water and bitter taste substances, but other chemicals are sometimes used. Other common additives include isopropanol, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, pyridine, benzene, diethyl phthalate, and naphtha

me: Want Try 

him: okay say ...

Looks like to be connected deh, tomorrow I write again connection ... My experience with JAFRA

& You ?

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